Teaching Toolboxes

Need materials to teach a unit on Rocks, Soils, Fossils or Solar System?

Then check out these toolboxes!


Soils1Why is forest soil different from desert soil? What organisms are able to survive in the harsh alpine ecosystem? Learn about the processes that contribute to soil formation in Utah’s amazing landscape. See complete contents here.


Fossils3Check out some of the Museum’s latest fossil discoveries. See casts of Utah-finds like the Allosaurus, Ceratops, Falcarious, T-Rex, and more. Learn more here.


Rocks and Minerals

rocks1Examine the differences between rocks and minerals and learn how each was formed. Discover how rocks and minerals are important in our everyday lives. Compare specimens in the different stages of the rock cycle. See complete contents here.


Plants3Plant specimens from Utah’s diverse habitats are accompanied by curriculum, activities and resources for studying adaptation and classification. See examples of Utah plants from wetlands, forests, and deserts. Learn to sort and classify using seeds, plant specimens and important botanical resources. See complete contents list.

Digging Dinosaurs

dinoThis toolbox provides teachers with one-of-a-kind Museum casts of dinosaurs unearthed by Utah paleontologists. Learn more here.



Solar System

Solar3Explore the Moon and Sun Phases




How do I get these?

The kits can be reserved in advance and picked up at SEDC.

Please fill this out to reserve a toolbox.

If you need one now, call Chris at 435-586-2865 or email chris@sedck12.org.

For schools in Millard, Kane, Garfield and Beaver, we may be able to deliver if one of our team is scheduled in your school.

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