Virtual Field Trips for WCSD

March 24, 2017 Chris Haught 0

This course will enable participants to use Internet resources to design a “virtual field trip” for their students. ┬áParticipants will become familiar with the strategies […]

Virtual Field Trips

July 1, 2014 Chris Haught 1

Handout Full Version   See Lesson Plans here. See Resources here. Shout out to Milwaukee Public Museum Distance Learning Program!

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Mars and Maven

June 25, 2013 Chris Haught 0

Thanks to Stacey McGinnis at Sunset Elementary, the students were able to learn about Mars and Maven! It started with the students learning about the […]

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Virtual Field Trips

December 7, 2012 Chris Haught 0

The Third Grade students at Santa Clara Elementary went on a Virtual Field Trip today! Their Teacher, Ms. Fischel, contacted Connect to Texasbecause the students were learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. The students were enthralle…