Barcode Label Creation

Barcode Label Creation

Open Microsoft Excel file
Enter your starting label number in A1 slot
Enter =a1+1 in the A2 slot (underneath)
On the bottom right hand corner of the A2 box click and drag the box down to the number of labels you want to create, the numbers in between should fill in the boxes
Now— Save As.. enter a file name
on “Save as type:” find “CSV (comma delimited)
click save
Click OK in first box that appears
Click Yes in 2nd box that appears

Open the Avery Label Pro 3 file
In Avery Pro – you should have your label template – open the template
Click on Data in top toolbar
Go to Link List to Design
in the Files of type: box put in “Delimited Win(*csv,*txt) from drop down menu
find your excel file
click on open
After opening the file
Go to File and Print.




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