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Does your browser look like this?
Does your browser look like this?

Chrome is a great browser, especially if you are a Gmail user. And if you are a bookmarking packrat like me, your browser could look like this in no time! Time to tame the beast! Download Chrome and follow the steps to complete your profile. You can have multiple profiles for different accounts, you can have a profile for each user. So you could have one for school and one for personal.


Go to Bookmarks and select “manage bookmarks”. From here you can create folders to hold your bookmarks by clicking on “organize” and “create folder”. Create folders for different groups of sites. When you bookmark a site, put it in the folder. This keeps like sites together.


Read more here to customize your Chrome Experience

Extensions and Apps

These are like the Apps on an IPad, only they go with you on any device as long as you sign into chrome.

Article with suggestions for educators.

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  1. Hi Chris:

    Thanks for your latest message. I’m a Chrome user, but had no idea all the cool stuff I could do with it!


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