Document Cameras

Using Document Cameras

So you have a document camera in your room that you can put a book under and project it so the whole class can see it right? What else can you do with it?

  • Record a lesson and save it for absent students to view, post to your website for all to review.
  • Put your IPad under to show students how to use an app.
  • Turn the camera and record students as the perform and playback for review.
  • Show how to use a calculator, ruler, protractor and manipulatives.
  • Place a timer under it so the students can see how much time is left.
  • Display the bell work
  • Let the students use it during Show and Tell.
  • Have students share their work.
  • Take photos of student work, save to the memory card and let students take memory to lab.
  • Students can create their own “ebook” by taking pics and voice recording.
  • Use the software to annotate, highlight, record and save lessons for later use-see video here.
  • Want more ideas? Click here!
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