GMail for Students by Ironmail

Students in Iron County School District now have access to gmail through Ironmail.

SEDC is working with the TEAM Teachers to help the students learn how to use GMail to communicate with their Teachers, use Google Presentations to create assignments, reports and Math Activiities like these. Students will also learn to use Google Docs to create shared documents, these could be collaborative projects or individual reports. Teachers with Chromebooks will also need to have their students set up as well.

To get started:   

Teachers should check with their Principal to see how many classes will be using the accounts, the Principal may need to assign someone at the school to oversee the accounts. The Principal can send a request to Randy Yardley who will provide the user names and passwords.

Once you have the EMail account information:

Make sure all students have signed the ICSD Internet Usage Agreement.

Review proper use of email by students, this may include:

  • School vs Personal Use
  • Email is not to be used to “pass notes” or gossip.
  • Proper Spelling and Formatting should be used
  • Passwords and accounts are private

Before students log in, it may be helpful to:

  • Bookmark or add this site ( to your class or school page.
  • Create a card for each student with their user name and password on it.

Ready to login?

  • Have the students go to
  • Have the students log in
  • They will have to accept the terms of use
  • They will have to enter the captcha code
  • Make sure they log out.

They should be ready to go!


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Chris is the Media Mentor at SEDC, she loves to help students, librarians and teachers to discover new ways to use technology to enhance their learning.

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