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Learn ways that districts, schools, and libraries can incorporate Ebooks and Etextbooks into their Library Management Systems (Koha, Alexandria, etc.) to make both free and purchased eBook titles easily available.Learn how to use E Books in Classroom settings and Reading Groups

Adding Ebooks and Etextbooks to your catalog:

Importing to Alexandria

 Checking out devices from Alexandria

Importing to KOHA-(Add url to 856U)

Importing to Follett using Destiny

Using Third Party Software/Programs:



Follet Shelf/Titlewave


How to use Ebooks in the Classroom

Guided Reading

  • Ebooks have built in dictionaries and bookmarks
  • Ebooks can be put on a Smartboard where students can underline key points, circle words, etc


  • Ebooks can be also have audio, allowing students to see and hear passages


  • As seen in Follet, teachers can annotate, link and add pages to books, to be saved for the next year

Where to find free content

My resources on Symbaloo

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