UPLIFT Training

This was a two day training attended by several of our librarians:

Mission Statement

  • Do you have one?
  • What should it include?
  • Samples

Collection Development

  • Determine Customers
  • Determine Budget
  • Determine Content area needed by having collection analyzed (use census data)
  • Determine Weeding Criteria

Common Core

Selection Tools
Where do you go to look for books? How do you decide which books to order?

Book Award sites

Promoting your Library

  • Shelf Talkers with personal notes
  • Promote in school newsletter
  • Social Media
  • Booktalks
  • Have students review and post (video, signs, post its in book)
  • Put little used books on display


  • What is your policy on accepting donations?
  • Do you have something in writing?
  • Use for sending home with students with overdue books
  • Book Art-Christmas ornaments


  • Why weed?
    • Students can find newer materials easier
    • Books with inaccurate data (Pluto is a Planet, One day we will walk on the moon)
    • Students will not come back if all the choices are outdated
    • Make way for the new
    • Room on shelf to highlight books face out
  • How to decide?
    • Run reports (date last seen, books not checked out)
    • Visual Assessment
    • Put the books on display, or share with class by genre, if no interest, may be time to weed
  • Do you have an emotional attachment? (“Let it go”)
  • What can you do with discards?
  • What is your discard policy?
  • Set goals for small areas or a weeding calendar
  • Check out these resources for weeding and collection development

Dewey vs BISAC

  • Where should we put it?
  • What do we call it?
  • How to sort in OPAC?
  • How do you determine which genre?
  • How do students find/navigate library?
  • What are the Pros and Cons?
    • How do patrons search
    • How do patrons browse

Where to now?

  • Create a Collection Development Plan
  • Create a Weeding Plan
  • Create Goals for improvements
  • Document your work


Thanks to Ruby Cheeseman of Salt Lake County Library for providing the documents and a great training!


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