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Thanks to Sandy Johnson from Bryce Valley Elementary for sharing!

FullSizeRenderWe were excited to win a matching grant to purchase ebooks (digital books)  from Capstone.  This is brand new technology for our elementary!  Our Capstone representative, Jeremy Anderson, uploaded 10 free ebooks into KOHA so that we could get introduced to them and decide whether or not we wanted to purchase them.

We were impressed with the many positive features of these ebooks.  Both highlighted words & audio helped convince us that this is what we needed for our reading program.  Numerous students can check out these ebooks at the same time, whether  at school or at home.

We are also anxious to use them in our Guided Reading program with our chrome books.  Another advantage of ebooks is that it saves on our limited shelf space.

Yes, we are excited to add ebooks to our book collection!

There are other options as well.
Pioneer Overdrive-This is the state (public) library, students just need to get their password from the Public Library to access, it is the same platform as ours, just has more content geared towards younger (and adults).
Books should be Free-Students can download free books, they are not the latest releases, but a lot of choices
Gutenburg Library-More free books, lots of “classics”!
Weber ebook library-This is a good site because you can sort by grade level
Google Books-You have to be careful here, there is content that is not appropriate
And if you want to dig a little deeper, I have more resources here.
The biggest challenge is often in downloading the right format, this is where kids (and adults) get frustrated!
Let me know how I can help.
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