Posterous Going Away!

You may have heard that Posterous is going away. If you have been updating the Posterous site you created for your school/class you will need to back up your data and download it before April 30th.

To back up your Posterous site, follow these directions.

You should get your back up via email, if not, go back to your site and download the back up. Keep this file!

Now what?

Most districts have chosen to support Google Sites as an alternative to Posterous. Google sites is a great alternative as all districts are now using Gmail Apps. To get started on your Google site, follow these instructions.

You cannot import your content directly into Google sites, but you can easily copy and paste the pages. For a great tutorial on how to add your posts using Dropbox, check out Clint’s Tutorial.

Google sites makes it very easy to share docs, presentations and files from  your drive.

If you need any help with transferring your site, please talk to your principal, they can contact Clint Stephens or Chris Haught at SEDC to schedule a training to transition your sites.

Thank you!




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