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January 28, 2010 Chris Haught 0

Chris,I just ran the report, it shows 4 teachers at your school (Christensen, Dunn, Durfy and Griffin), is this correct? If not, what teachers are missing?ThanksOn Jan 28, 2010, at 11:02 AM, Chris Haycock wrote:Hello,Does anyone use the checkout r…

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Printing Fines and Overdue Books

November 2, 2009 Chris Haught 0

Libby, After a little research, it looks like the Safari browser will not print the Fine and Overdue book report correctly. If you want to print one student per page you will need to use the Firefox browser, it seems to work for this report. We’ll…

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Report for Library Catalog

October 22, 2009 Chris Haught 0

Brady, Thanks for the call today, yes, you can generate a report for your entire library catalog. Login into Koha, access the the more menu, access the reports menu and then select catalog inventory. Thanks

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Creating an Book Inventory File for Import

October 13, 2009 Chris Haught 0

Hello Koha Technical Folks, Looks like the Koha inventory feature works well. It’s taken me sometime to figure out the details on the needed file type but it does seem to work, here’s what I did… Milford Elementary School scanned their book barc…

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Adding Partial Fines

October 12, 2009 Chris Haught 0

For the Partial Payments of Fines. When doing a partial payment, go to the students fine area. click on the tab, “Create Manual Credit”. You can then put the barcode of the book the student is paying for, or leave that blank. Add the amount he/she…

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Koha Manual-Please Download and Use

October 5, 2009 Chris Haught 0

Please feel free to download and use the manual for Koha, if you have come across an error in the manual or you would like us to add a topic, please let me know ( Thanks