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Fossil Kit

February 22, 2013 Chris Haught 1

Suzy Palladino recently checked out the Fossil Kit from SEDC and had this to say! ┬áThe other 4th grade teacher and I borrowed the fossil […]

Canvas in WCSD

February 15, 2013 Chris Haught 0

Useful links from the Professional Development Training held in Washington County. SEDC Canvas login SEDC Website Mindy Hintze from UEN Emedia for NROC Canvas Guide

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Virtual Field Trips

December 7, 2012 Chris Haught 0

The Third Grade students at Santa Clara Elementary went on a Virtual Field Trip today! Their Teacher, Ms. Fischel, contacted Connect to Texasbecause the students were learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. The students were enthralle…

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GMail for Students by Ironmail

September 10, 2012 Chris Haught 0

Students in Iron County School District now have access to gmail through Ironmail. SEDC is working with the TEAM Teachers to help the students learn how to use GMail to communicate with their Teachers, use Google Presentations to create assignment…

Add Multiple Copies

February 19, 2010 Chris Haught 0

Sherry, Thanks for the call this afternoon, as per our discussion, the Koha manual needs to be updated on how to add multiple copies (books) to a MARC record. Here’s how to do it: Do a search for the book Click on the book Click on “New” and selec…

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Barcode Label Creation

February 4, 2010 Chris Haught 0

Barcode Label Creation Open Microsoft Excel file Enter your starting label number in A1 slot Enter =a1+1 in the A2 slot (underneath) On the bottom right hand corner of the A2 box click and drag the box down to the number of labels you want to crea…

Koha Manual-Please Download and Use

October 5, 2009 Chris Haught 0

Please feel free to download and use the manual for Koha, if you have come across an error in the manual or you would like us to add a topic, please let me know ( Thanks